Is Rush Limbaugh “the most dangerous man”

In America?


Early on in his national presence the question was posed, “Is Rush Limbaugh the most dangerous man in America?” an allusion to FDR’s reference to Huey Long.  Limbaugh wallowed in it.  Anything exalting him is to his advantage, negative attention is attention.


It’s the mindset he is the personification of–so called “conservatism” which the Handbook explores historically, psychologically and scientifically and challenges the current movement claiming that label as to whether it is true conservatism–that is dangerous. We see its effect on the country now, stalemating congress and the president from getting anything dealt with.


That’s dangerous for America and humanity.  Limbaugh was instrumental in giving it a national media presence.  He supplies to those millions daily tuning in nationwide misinformation which reinforces false beliefs and attitudes and thereby subverts the U.S. political environment from factual engagement and solutions to the issues confronting us.


Ronald Reagan lauded him and George W. Bush bowed to Limbaugh and his influence getting out the vote to court his support.


REP. DICK CHRYSLER (R-MI): We as the freshman class would like to nominate and make Rush Limbaugh an honorary member of our freshman class and present to him today a pin that all the freshmen got called “The Majority Maker,” because surely he helped us become the majority!


They referred to the 1994 Republican success as The Limbaugh Congress.


That much influence with the leadership of the country by one who misleads the public every day is certainly not benign.