FNC interviews Bill Ayers

And neither it nor its viewers learn anything


Megyn Kelly in her ballyhooed July 26 interview of Bill Ayers did not listen to what Ayers said, instead recycled repeatedly her FNC mentality avoiding what they don’t want us to think.


Ayers, four decades ago, engaged in guerrilla actions to stop the U.S.’s unprovoked war against the Vietnamese. The accounting is that 6,000 humans a week were being killed; his actions against government property to protest and call attention to the protest neither killed nor injured even one person. He acknowledges today that the Weather Undergound actions he engaged in were reckless.


It was “a controversial war” Kelly says. It’s long proven to have been criminal including war crimes and finally a loss for the capitalist empire. The wars are fought in behalf of corporate interests. The fig leaf the U.S. dons to distinguish its imperialism from other empires’ imperialism in the past is that when victorious the U.S. government doesn’t occupy or expropriate resources from defeated countries. No, it’s corporations do that.  How is it that every post on her site about the interview regurgitates what FNC tells viewers to think countermanding the facts?


It will not diminish the U.S. to tell the truth about itself, it will enhance it and possibly preempt more like the 53 disastrous invasions to enforce U.S. corporate interests since WW II and before that in Central America and Mexico. Criticism of wronges is not “hating America” as those who enable the wrongs nefariously attempt to label truth tellers. “Always support your country. Support the government when it deserves it”–Mark Twain.


Bill Ayers has become a most praised educator in the U.S., for successful teaching methods that helps students, was named Chicago man of the year, is a respected citizen today for earned reasons. He acknowledges the errors in what he did in his youth.


Why does the right wing mind forgive actual criminals such as Nixon, and give them platforms from Kissinger, to North, to Cheney but refuse to acknowledge the present reality of a man who dared to try to stop U.S. war crimes a half century ago? If he’d been listened to then 58,000 of us and 2,000,000 Vietnamiese would not have died in vain.


“There are only two things that are infinite–the universe and human stupidity.  And I’m not certain of the first one.”–Albert Einstein.