Why “Conservatives”

Deny Reality


The reality of climate change is not deniable. It’s visible in the melting ice caps. Global annual temperatures have risen. Ninety-seven percent of scientists trained in climatology, ninety-seven percent!, assert that global climate change is occurring.


Why do those calling themselves “conservative” deny this and attack it as “fraud,” “liberal ideology” and other invidious names?


If 97% of their doctors warned any one of them that they had cancer or were in imminent danger of a heart attack, would they deny it and wait until the other 3% caught up?


If a reality is threatening we have to do something about it.   If we don’t we are either not sane or guilty of criminal behavior, not acting on a threat to ourselves or humanity.


To avoid such guilt rather than say they don’t want to act because of greed (acting on climate change will take resources that are now profitable) or fear, the handy defense is to deny the problem exists.


So if it doesn’t exist they need do nothing about it.


The phrase “being in denial” takes on a new dimension in the case of “conservatives” who, far from conserving, are perpetrating a problem and are thereby not conservative at all.


Limbaugh gave the game away in May this year after it was reported that it’s now too late to do anything about much of the imminent consequences of climate change. Limbaugh asked, asserted, that since it’s declared too late then we don’t have to take any action, reduce carbon emissions or any of the measures that he always has railed against.


He was fine with it being considered too late. Now we don’t have to do anything which is what his position has argued all along– doing nothing, nothing to confront an undeniable reality that his “conservatism” denies exists.