Why do “conservatives” deny reality?

Why “Conservatives”

Deny Reality


The reality of climate change is not deniable. It’s visible in the melting ice caps. Global annual temperatures have risen. Ninety-seven percent of scientists trained in climatology, ninety-seven percent!, assert that global climate change is occurring.


Why do those calling themselves “conservative” deny this and attack it as “fraud,” “liberal ideology” and other […]

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Fox Propaganda Channel interviews Bill Ayers

FNC interviews Bill Ayers

And neither it nor its viewers learn anything


Megyn Kelly in her ballyhooed July 26 interview of Bill Ayers did not listen to what Ayers said, instead recycled repeatedly her FNC mentality avoiding what they don’t want us to think.


Ayers, four decades ago, engaged in guerrilla actions to stop the U.S.’s unprovoked […]

Is Rush Limbaugh “the most dangerous man” In America?

Is Rush Limbaugh “the most dangerous man”

In America?


Early on in his national presence the question was posed, “Is Rush Limbaugh the most dangerous man in America?” an allusion to FDR’s reference to Huey Long.  Limbaugh wallowed in it.  Anything exalting him is to his advantage, negative attention is attention.


It’s the mindset he is the […]

Why This Book?

I have been a college professor of Communication Ethics.  I conducted for years a three hour public affairs talk call-in program.  It was cutting edge with interviewees such as Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame,  Fr. Philip Berrigan of the radical brother priests who challenged the U.S. draft during Vietnam and it’s nuclear policy […]