Elmer Lightman – About The Author

Elmer Lightman PortraitElmer Lightman was an early broadcaster in talk radio, is a credentialed history teacher, professor of communication ethics, has been media adviser to environment, health, education, and human rights organizations. He has researched Rush Limbaugh’s statements extensively since 1991 to determine their veracity and effect. His research into “conservatism” provides new insight to understand the current movement expropriating the label “conservative” as personified in and beyond it’s leading public face–Limbaugh. It is vital to understand this mindset, it’s historical context, origins and causes including brain studies showing how “conservatives” differ from the rest of humanity.

The future of the species is at stake from apocalyptic war to devastating climate change that threaten human existence. How to proceed in the face of the obstructionism from the misnamed “conservative” mentality is the mission rising out of the author’s two decades of research.